It was my brother's birthday two days ago, so our friends spent the weekend over. We had a Godzilla movie marathon(we being mostly just me and another friend, my brother hates Godzilla and the other friend fell asleep halfway through). Finally getting to watch Minus One was such an amazing experience. My friends teased me a bit because I cried like 5 times during the movie...what can I say, it was very good! A guy's gotta cry sometimes...or many times. We spent several hours afterwards talking about Kaiju movies. It was very, very fun.
Yesterday, I started reading Mo Dao Zu Shi. I'm enjoying it a lot! I'm almost done with the first volume. Maybe I should make a page for writing novel logs too...


The weather was nice and cold these past two days, but it's already gotten hotter tonight. I made some honey toast with strawberries for breakfast...it was incredibly good. I'm glad I managed to get it right considering I was just vaguely remembering the recipe from a video I saw on Pinterest before going to bed.
My university finally decided to join the national strike starting next week, so I didn't bother going to class today. I had promised to play Subahibi if that happened, so I guess I'll do that as soon as I finish Demons Roots...


I spent these past few days reading Tsubasa Reservoir Chronicle and xxxHolic side-by-side. I ended up loving xxxHolic the most(so much that I dreamed about every night while I was reading it...)
This morning I saw a Isognathus caricae catterpillar. It was so gorgeous! It had beautiful patterns and a funny hook-like antenna(at least I think you'd call it an antenna). I wonder if I'll see it again when it becomes a moth...


Finally went to class today...it's kind of annoying, but I lived.
I finished SSSS. Gridman this morning, so I spent most of the day thinking about it.
I had toast with bacon and a fried egg for breakfast...it tasted very good.


It's been very rainy lately. This is the second week of classes already, but I still haven't attended a single day...I suppose I'll show my face around there next week.
Lately, I've been watching Chobits, and thinking about robots...


It's very, very hot today, Thank god for air conditioners! I played Smash with my friends-I'm getting better at it, I think.
I've been trying to actually get my college assignments done-and I'm glad to say two are down! Now there's two to go-this friday will probably make that three, though(-_-).


I baked some bread with my dad today. We made four loaves, and they taste very good!


Today(actually yesterday, because I pulled off an all-nighter...oops)my friends came over.
We had a barbecue and played Melty Blood together. It was fun!


Today I did some work on this page, and watched some movies :)


Today I drew a little. And made this page! :]

Cute Polka Dotted Grey Bow Tie Ribbon