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Hello, and welcome to my website! I'm new to coding and stuff so everything here is very much a WIP. Still, stay a while if you'd like!

Update Log-♡

06/06- Added a page for video game reviews
-Added the "gaming" page! It takes you to the VNs page and to the general video games page mentioned above

02/06- The anime page is now done! Still no reviews there but they're coming soon, probably

12/04- Added the "favorite things" page (still not much to see there, tho ;p)

30/03- Buttons page has been updated to include my own button (ㅅ´ ˘ `)
-Added the "animanga" page
-Added a shrines page

29/03- Added a dream journal, and a journals page

26/03- Rethemed the manga log, redid the diary page

25/03- Added custom cursors to some pages(say hi to puchiko!), added the HibiChika shrine

22/03- Rethemed the index page, buttons have been moved to their own page

18/03-I'm back! Currently retheming the VN talk page

17/11-Started work on the HibiChika shrine, rethemed the about page

18/10-Added a title graphic and a button section

07/10-Finished pages: manga, about, VN talk, movies, my stuff(journal);to-do:type-moon shrine, art gallery

11/09-I'm finally back! And now the movies page has some actual reviews in it

28/04-Added the "movies" page

05/04-Added an about page

24/04-So far, only the "manga" and "vn talk" pages exist, and only the "manga" one has any actual content

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